Mass event security

We organize security for public entertainment and festive events. Our security service is staffed by suitably prepared and specially trained security guards.

Our security company offers:

  • The most suitable package of services for your event – risk assessment,contingency planning, operational planning, to ensure qualified operational team work;
  • acquaintance with the specifics of the object and the analysis of the territory just before the event;
  • planning the necessary number of security personnel by evaluating the number of participants in the planned activity;
  • pass and ticket control for visitors and participants of the event;
  • development of cooperation plan between security company and locallaw enforcement agencies in order to receive prompt assistance if necessary;
  • installation of security devices (video surveillance systems, specialfences);
  • public order, safety and fire safety requirement compliance control.



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Office hours:

Monday-friday: 9.00–17.00

Saturday-sunday: closed

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