Real estate security

Real estate security

Our security service is staffed with suitably prepared and specially trained security guards. 

Real estate internal security system – using existent security
devices or by installing new video surveillance, security and fire protection systems.

Possibility to view and analyze videos and records, remote control of cameras and recordings, transmission of sound messages and control commands on a computer network, telephone, optical and radio relay lines, mobile phone and the Internet.

24-hour physical security of the facility – security device
monitoring, access pass procedure provided by specially trained armed
security staff. If necessary, also by cynologists with specially
trained service dogs.

Our security company offers

  • establishment of an internal order system of real estate – object
  • specially trained security personnel,
  • cooperation with the administration of the real estate – object
  • modern technical security solutions (security alarm systems, accesscontrol, video surveillance systems, etc.).



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